6 Prayer principles

1. God doesn’t need prayer, we do.

2. Prayer is a conversation where we speak to God and listen to God.

3. Prayer can occur anywhere, anytime, with any posture.

4. Prayer is generally to the Father, through the son, by the Holy Spirit.

5. Prayer includes laying on of hands.

6. Prayer is naturally what happens when you know God as Father.

Standing (Genesis 24:12-13)
Lifting the hands (1 Timothy 2:8)
Sitting (Judges 20:26)
Kneeling (Mark 1:40)
Looking upward (John 17:1)
Bowing down (Exodus 34:8)
Placing the head between the knees (1 Kings 18:24)
Pounding on the breast (Luke 18:13)
Facing the temple (Daniel 6:10)