10 Traits of Real Me

1. Serve God: the kingdom you invest in will determine your joy.

2. Faith in God’s control: will you trust God with your life even if all fails?

3. Lets God use them: are you serving God’s plan or asking Him to serve yours? The goal of your life is not to gain popularity to use it for God, but we must know God more, and whatever area he puts you in you serve Him more faithfully. Do not compromise your path.

4. Healthy relationships (Prof & Per): unhealthy men turn all relationships professional not personal.

5. Emotionally stable: Holy Spirit is necessary to produce fruit of Spirit, very content with everything God has given you.

6. God on their side: you always win -> you’re always victorious because God is always victorious.

7. Worships God: creating a man centered kingdom (sex, money, etc) or building God’s kingdom.

8. Under the Holy Spirit: Babylon or Kingdom Man, influences .

9. Stands with people: standing with other men?

10. Lose at life to win at death: are you willing to lose a little bit along the way to win forever?